Launch a Podcast on a Budget by Sam Laliberte

Stop Delaying Your Podcast Launch

Discover my step-by-step process for launching, marketing and monetizing your podcast in just a few hours.
EVEN IF you're just starting out and have zero podcasting experience.

Beat the odds

There are over 850,000 published podcast shows but only 18% are still actively releasing new episodes 😯

Avoid the common mistakes made by new podcasters and have an experienced producer and host walk you through each step.

Soon you'll be able to:

  • Record and edit your first episode 
  • Get your podcast listed on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and MORE!
  • Position yourself as an expert in your industry
  • Build an audience and attract high quality guests
  • Secure paid sponsors and monetize your show

Meet Your Instructor

Sam is the Producer and Host of the Freedom Lifestyle podcast series. She launched her first episode November 2017 as a way to network and learn from people living a lifestyle she wanted!

Throughout her podcasting journey, she's attracted paid sponsorships from brands like WeWork, Fiverr and Bumble.

She's built an online community with over 500 Freedom Seekers and has been invited to speak at large conferences and moderate discussions at events. 

You're In Good Company

Sam has helped hundreds of podcasters launch their show with confidence.

Here are just a few of the many podcasters who've launched successful podcasts since taking this course.


Publish your first episode within 30 days of enrolling and Sam will: 
  • Provide feedback on your first audio recording.
  • Rate, review and share your podcast on its launch day! 


Sam is a very wonderful, warm and organized instructor. Her course is fantastic and very practical! 
Christine, Toronto 🇨🇦
I normally do not rate courses a 10, but this one was amazing!! Sam has a plethora of information and dropped so many gems. Very inspiring!! I am honestly on my way to starting a podcast!

Jessica, Toronto 🇨🇦
I really enjoyed this course it was concise and to the point. Not only did I feel well informed, but also very inspired! I feel much more confident launching my upcoming podcast. :)
Joel, Vancouver 🇨🇦

What's included?

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Course Welcome 😁
Intro to Sam!
5 mins
What To Expect
4 mins
State of Podcasting 🌎
State of Podcasting Pt 1
7 mins
Who is the 49%?
State of Podcasting Pt 2
6 mins
Formatting Your Podcast 🎧
Podcast Formats
10 mins
Podcast Genres
4 mins
Creating Your Artwork
4 mins
Podcast Skeleton
9 mins
Interviewing Guests 🎤
Attracting Guests
4 mins
Preparing for Interviews
7 mins
Podcast Tech & Equipment 🎙
Intro to Core 5
1 min
Picking a Microphone
9 mins
Yeti Mic Demo
5 mins
Podcast Recording
5 mins
Podcast Editing
14 mins
Podcast Hosting
8 mins
Distributing Your Podcast
3 mins
Podcast Marketing 📣
Pre-Launch Marketing
10 mins
Ongoing Marketing
14 mins
Podcast Analytics
5 mins
Monetizing Your Podcast 💸
Monetizing Your Podcast
14 mins
Sam's Partnership Proposal.pdf
4.3 MB
Bonus: How to Secure a Sponsor For Your Podcast
Final Thoughts 👋
Final Words From Sam!
6 mins
Final Quiz 🤓

Launch a Podcast on a Budget

Don't delay the launch of a great show.
Transition from "aspiring podcaster" to a legitimate producer and host in just a few hours.

Sam offers a 100% money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied and excited after signing up!