Launch a Podcast on a Budget

Discover a complete template for launching a podcast quickly and cost effectively. 

In this course, we'll cover:

  • The core equipment and technology needed
  • How to format your podcast and attract guests
  • Podcast editing 101 (we'll do a live record and edit demo together)
  • Getting your show on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify
  • Attracting sponsors and monetizing your show
  • Proven podcast marketing techniques that work!

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Sam is a very wonderful, warm and organized instructor. Her course is fantastic and very practical! 
Christine, Toronto 🇨🇦
I normally do not rate courses a 10, but this one was amazing!! Sam has a plethora of information and dropped so many gems. Very inspiring!! I am honestly on my way to starting a podcast!

Jessica, Toronto 🇨🇦
I really enjoyed this course it was concise and to the point. Not only did I feel well informed, but also very inspired! I feel much more confident launching my upcoming podcast. :)
Joel, Vancouver 🇨🇦

What's included?

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Course Welcome 😁
Intro to Sam!
5 mins
What To Expect
4 mins
State of Podcasting 🌎
State of Podcasting Pt 1
7 mins
Who is the 49%?
State of Podcasting Pt 2
6 mins
Formatting Your Podcast 🎧
Podcast Formats
10 mins
Podcast Genres
4 mins
Creating Your Artwork
4 mins
Podcast Skeleton
9 mins
Interviewing Guests 🎤
Attracting Guests
4 mins
Preparing for Interviews
7 mins
Podcast Tech & Equipment 🎙
Intro to Core 5
1 min
Picking a Microphone
9 mins
Yeti Mic Demo
5 mins
Podcast Recording
5 mins
Podcast Editing
14 mins
Podcast Hosting
8 mins
Distributing Your Podcast
3 mins
Podcast Marketing 📣
Pre-Launch Marketing
10 mins
Ongoing Marketing
14 mins
Podcast Analytics
5 mins
Monetizing Your Podcast 💸
Monetizing Your Podcast
14 mins
Sam's Partnership Proposal.pdf
4.3 MB
Final Thoughts 👋
Final Words From Sam!
6 mins

About Sam:

Sam is a Self-Employed Digital Nomad and Host of the Freedom Lifestyle podcast series! After spending years jumping between self-employment and working 9-5s, Sam is now following her dream of working from her laptop, traveling the world, and empowering others to do the same through flexible work.